Up on the roof

Paris is nothing if not glittering with gold. I’ve read that the dome above Napoleon’s tomb has 26 pounds of gold leaf. If I have my Parisian geography right, the gold here is part of Opera Garnier. But don’t make any bets on my account. I can read a map and usually find my way around. But in Paris? Except for the evening when we got off the bus about a mile early, dear husband was a flawless navigator. I’d still be walking in circles trying to find our hotel if it weren’t for him.

5 thoughts on “Up on the roof”

  1. that gold really stands out!!
    and yes…. being back in europe i do have to say; food is just better here. just the butter; the cheapest butter here is still waaaaay better than the butter i had in the US. just this weekend i made my own croissants (not that its necessary here), and they came out so much better than the ones i made in the US, just because of the butter….

  2. I am SO ENJOYING your Paris shots. I cannot imagine a better city for walking and wandering, lost or not. I’d love to live there for a year so I could get lost and find interesting areas that I had not planned to visit and see. It was always a letdown for me when I arrived home form Paris.

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