This wasn’t in Sequim but it could be anywhere. I grew up being told to pick up after myself. I just don’t get it.

5 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. This is evidence that the human race has not evolved ethically or morally as far we would hope. Or, as Andy intimates, their DNA is made up of “slob” genes.

  2. Our country is paradise re. public trash compared to some countries I’ve visited. My grandson’s eyes were huge when he noticed a woman toss her large empty soda container to the ground as she continued to walk on her way in México. We need to train people when they are young and call them when we see careless disposal of trash. A woman was amazed but responded when I once approached her and ordered, “Pick it up!” when I saw her toss her cigarette butt. Doubt that I’d do that today,though; might be dangerous.

  3. I once saw a friend toss a soda can out the window of her car – not ONE block from her house. i asked her why she did that – and she answered – don’t want that stuff in MY yard. Funny thing was, she was an immaculate housekeeper – her husband was a state police officer and could cite people for littering – and yet she didn’t think twice about messing up someone else’s environment (which is hers too, by the way).

    When our oldest daughter was 3, we were at a park and a man threw his candy wrapper on the ground. She walked up to him and said “My mommy says to pick up after yourself”. He looked at me – I smiled and shrugged (I had taught her that) and he picked up his litter. I hope he thought of that the next time he was tempted to be sloppy.

    Lots of countries are so much better that we are here in the US about keeping their streets and country sides clear of litter. We should all pitch in. It pleases me when I see people (young and old) picking up things that they haven’t strewn about.

  4. i agree! this makes me so very angry!! and i do not get it at all. would you do that at home? most people would not. so why would they do it somewhere else?!
    but almost always i am too shy or too afraid to say something when people just do this kind of stuff. the other day there was a group of teenagers (or even a bit older), sitting at the local school playground in the weekend. they were throwing glass on the ground so that it shattered. still makes me angry!!!

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