Mushroom season

We’ve had enough rain this fall that conditions are perfect for mushrooms. They seem to be everywhere: fairy circles on damp lawns, popping up in the garden, and everywhere in the forest duff. Here are some of the many different varieties I found on a recent walk.

The local mushroom society had an educational show last Saturday. They’re always well attended. Displays show common mushrooms from this area and poisonous varieties are shown alongside non-poisonous ones. An expert can tell the difference. There were enough examples to convince me I’m a long way from knowing enough to choose.

5 thoughts on “Mushroom season”

  1. We lived for a while in West Chester, PA, just west of Philly. That was mushroom country. But I would never dare eat one from the wild. And every year someone tried and died!

  2. Great photos – we found quite a few on our hike at Padilla Bay Interpretive Center – there are certainly some very interesting ones.

  3. ooh, i love mushrooms. but i have no clue which ones i could eat and which not when in a forest. i recently read that its actually not OK in the netherlands to pluck mushrooms in forests. people do do it, but they rather not have it…

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