Fisherman’s memorial

This is a memorial in Gig Harbor to local fishermen who were lost at sea. It’s one of those dangerous professions people don’t always think about as they enjoy a salmon dinner.

I’m grateful someone’s willing to do it, someone who loves the sea, is willing to work hard, and not only risk their life but their fortunes to harvest food. And I’m really, really grateful my husband got that out of his system before I met him.

5 thoughts on “Fisherman’s memorial”

  1. thats a nice one. it reminds me of the one in gloucester that i once showed.
    i wouldnt like it either. just this weekend we read a story about fishermen who were stuck on a piece of ice for 2 weeks or so before they got found (that was 100 years ago, but still….)

  2. A wonderful and very deserving memorial. It has always struck me that fishing for a living is tough. And, as you said, dangerous. I didn’t realize that your husband was a fisherman at one time; I can see what that would unnerve you!

  3. It’s a handsome sculptre and a deserving tribute. I’ve had students who worked on fishing boats in Alaska to earn money for college. Always breathed a sigh of relief when they returned safely. Better a husband that build boats than one who fishes in potentially dangerous waters.

  4. These memorials are wonderful – in memory of the hard working fishermen. My dad fished in Alaska – I can remember being on the boat with him in waves so high that when we were at the bottom of the wave we could see nothing but water above us – and on top of the waves we could see for miles, and all the fishing gear was out of the water – it is hard work, not just the weather, but all of it.

    There is a similar statue in Eureka, CA and while reading the names I came across the name of a family friend who had perished on the rocks of Deception Pass. He tried to run the tide too late and never made it through. Dangerous, dangerous profession.

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