The esplanade, 1 of 2

Port Angeles, Sequim’s western next door neighbor, recently completed a new esplanade at its downtown waterfront. This is the area where the Black Ball Ferry comes and goes from Victoria, B.C. and is a gateway for ferry visitors as well as occasional cruise ship passengers.

This previously was a pretty ordinary sidewalk along a street that edges the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The upgrade definitely kicks it up a notch. Now, if we could only get some blue skies again to brighten it up a bit. . .

6 thoughts on “The esplanade, 1 of 2”

  1. The sky does indeed need some blue brightener. Must be early fall weather. Our is like that this morning with more rain forecast; I don’t mind since rain is always welcome here, except during the spring thaw.

  2. These esplanades/walkways/boardwalks/cement walks, etc., are wonderful for they allow one to get close to the action in relative safety. I’ve heard about Port Angeles but have never been there. I think I would like it a lot.

  3. The new walkway looks good, even with the nasty skies. Here’s hoping you get some blue skies soon. We have been having perfect days with the bluest of skies, but rain is forecast for tomorrow.

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