Theme Day: Details

Today is Theme Day for City Daily Photo bloggers and today’s theme is “details.”

Looking for ripe apples on our little tree I discovered this apple had become a hub for wasps looking for a quick meal.

It was fascinating to watch how many wasps could fit into the cavity inside the apple. Then I noticed that wasps were coming and going from apples all over the tree. Did they take advantage of openings pecked by birds, or did they manage to work their way through apple skins on their own? Once I noticed all the activity I was struck with how the tree was filled with the sound of wasps carving their way through apples.

One of my favorite quotes, from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is “God is in the details.”

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12 thoughts on “Theme Day: Details”

  1. oh my oh my!! another month went by! i totally forgot (as usual) about theme day…
    im not too fond of insects, haha! but how nice to have your own apple tree… last year we went apple picking, and there were indeed a lot of apples infested with insects etc… i dont think apple picking (for the public) is such a big thing here in the netherlands, but i should try to find out!

  2. I haven’t been around orchards enough to observe these details of wasp life and apple. I wonder how their invasion can be avoided or stopped entirely. Details of which I obviously am not aware.

  3. Great photo I love it when the crows move into an orchard too – they can eat the entire inside of an apple and leave the skin intact – looking just like ti was still full of apple – very clever.

  4. Once more your creativity shows through as this is a wonderful post for the theme. I didn’t realize that wasps would burrow into apples like that. Their buzzing must have been kinda unusual!

  5. I found this fascinating, but it was also seriously creepy.

    Today I was going to throw some fallen apples out of the garden and into the yard so the local deer could have a treat but I saw wasps still inside them. I’m not ready to quantify, but it seems like we have a lot of wasps around here. I’ve seen quite a few big wasps nests in the nearby county park, and one or two in the eves of our house. Yikes!

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