First snow

Rain and clouds have hidden the Olympics lately. But clouds lifted for a while last week and gave a glimpse of the first snow of the season. This snow may not last, but it’s certainly a taste of what’s to come.

10 thoughts on “First snow”

  1. Looks like an early morning shot what with that gorgeous light. I suppose snow on the mountains means fall is here and winter is coming. Great colors in this photo, too.

    Re your comment as to Florida’s environmental concerns: Hah! This criminal governor we’ve got and his cronies don’t give a damn about our environment. The agency that’s supposed to take care of the environment has done nothing and now the state is trying to roll back even more environmental regulations. 🙁

  2. The display of light makes the photo quite lovely. Snow is good, as long as one can ski! If not, it’s a snowbird existence for me! (I used to ski and loved it; knees are no longer flexible).

  3. Last week when it was clear, Mt. Baker had no new snow yet, but I’m betting that it does now. As soon as we have a clear day I’ll have to get out there and get some photos. It is always so fresh and pretty after the first snow. Your picture is fabulous!!!

  4. how pretty!
    it makes me realize i dont have to expect snow here… i was really always so excited for the possibility of huge amounts of snow in boston (and we also got it). im a little sad i will miss that this year….

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