Innocent clouds

We spent the last day of summer at Ocean City State Park. The sky became a welcoming blue with gorgeous banks of clouds in the distance.

Not long after dark the clouds decided they’d played nice long enough. It began to rain. With few breaks it rained all night. And all the next day. We decided to pass on exploring our third intended five star campground and head for the warm, dry roof at home. And our very own hot shower. Compared to tent camping our little new-to-us trailer is a four star resort. Compared to our trailer our home is nirvana. And there’s nothing like a few days away to make the comparison ever more vivid.

8 thoughts on “Innocent clouds”

  1. Those lovely innocent clouds certainly did turn to big, fierce rainclouds in a hurry – we’ve been enjoying the heavy rain, but would like a bit of a return to sunshine before the rain settles in for the winter.

  2. I wish that we had not sold our tent trailer after the kids hit adolescents and losing interest. Lovely campground memories. I miss it. I envy you and your ability to enjoy your beautiful environment in your new trailer! Get out again and show us some tree changing with this season! Beautiful sky!

  3. Great photos from Ocean City State Park, Kay. We just love them! Would you be interested in cross-promoting Sequim Daily Photo and your Ocean City blogs on the Washington State Parks recreation blog and storytelling site, Adventure Awaits?

    Thanks for considering!

  4. beautiful!!
    and yes, there is a point where camping in the rain is just no fun anymore…
    (btw, i tried to visit your blog on sunday, and it didnt work!!)

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