Sequim Senior Center

The Sequim Senior Center is a buzz of activity. I found my way there a month or two ago when I had call to meet with a volunteer to untangle some healthcare insurance mysteries. While there I explored a little and discovered that in addition to exercise classes, art and games such as bridge, bingo, and pinochle they also offer tours. The Center offers daylong bus tours to scenic areas like Snoqualmie Falls, to sporting events, and even some of the larger shopping centers around Puget Sound.

A local benefactor has generously donated money and property to build a new senior center, first to purchase and initial 4.5 acres of land. Then he donated a coin collection and more recently gifted to the Center a mobile home community that he owned. Income from R. Leo Shipley’s donated business will benefit the Senior Center’s capital campaign.

4 thoughts on “Sequim Senior Center”

  1. i am very impressed by the local benefactor. This is the true spirit of philanthropy-of-old and makes me smile and cheer for his generosity. Kay, I think that you’d better get over there again and organize a camera club! What a gift that would be for talented people who go there.

  2. You have a generous donor in Sequim.

    Even though my drivers license says I am a senior, I stay as far from these places as I can. Mentally I feel more like 40 than . . . my actual age.

  3. oooh, that is nice! especially also the tours…
    for me, one of the reasons not wanting to grow old in the US are the distances and having to rely on a car (and of course the health care system); its just too scary! especially for foreigners with less rights and benefits… (those things come up when think of places where we could retire one day.. haha)

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