Pure nostalgia

I admit that the occasional vintage vehicle turns my head. There are nicely restored ones on the roads around here from time to time. This old Chevy truck caught my eye last week. I can’t remember seeing this style of truck for a very, very long time.

Like many restorations, this one looks to be the recipient of endless love.

The final touch is Mickey Mouse smiling out the windshield. What’s not to love?

7 thoughts on “Pure nostalgia”

  1. I enjoy seeing these vintage vehicles… manly because I was around when they were new. I don’t ever remember seeing a truck that sits so close to the road as this one.

  2. I do’t recall EVER seeing a truck like this. The hood makes it look like it has a snubbed nose. Would be fun to own it. . . I guess!

  3. It is interesting that a utilitarian truck like this had so much care given to it.

    Today I was at the Rockefeller home in New York state. They have a huge “coach house,” which you and I would call a garage. The Rockefeller cars from about 1900 onward are lined up there. As you can imagine, there were some fine wheels there!!

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