The Farmer’s Market

Summer months bring out the Sequim Farmer’s Market, an event held on Saturday’s downtown.

I was truly spoiled by farmer’s markets in California. Bigger metropolitan areas create a worthwhile demand for producers to truck their goods to these markets and California’s long growing season favors production. It’s not so bountiful and diverse in Sequim’s little corner of the world. Our local organic producer, Nash Huber, is the market’s “anchor” producer. There doesn’t seem to be too much other fresh produce at the market. Which isn’t to say it’s not available around here. It simply doesn’t make it to the Farmer’s Market.

I’ve read that the market is working to broaden their offerings and I know it’s not an easy proposition for a producer to spend a day sitting as a vendor at the market. In the meantime, there are plenty of tempting crafts and goodies to keep people coming back.

7 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Market”

  1. Farmer’s Markets are a win-win for both the consumer and the producer. The consumer gets farm fresh fruits and vegetables at a cheaper price while producers get to sell their produce directly to the end-user without involvement of middle-men thus managing to maximise their profits.

  2. This looks like a nice little farmers market. It certainly isn’t the size of the Sn Francisco farmers market, but Sequim isn’t the size of San Francisco.

  3. One of the joys of summer are the Farmer’s Markets. Cities that I have visited that are fortunate enough to have them are unique in their own way. Love the bountiful flowers in the spring and the wonderful produce in the summer in St. Paul, MN. and can even now conjure up the wonderful smells of roasting chiles in Santa Fe, NM. Large or small, they are the one of the things that make life pleasant.

  4. oooh carrots.. 🙂 i ate tons of them in the usa. you know, the prepackaged baby-cut ones. here they dont really sell that, and you cannot keep them as long…

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