6 thoughts on “They’ve got to be kidding!”

  1. I learned why they do this. They figured out that a lot of people will get in a hurry to buy “because it might not be here next visit” – and so stock up early on holiday items – only to find out that when it comes time to decorate they have put the items away and can’t find them, don’t like them or want to add more – so they go back and shop again – and still the items are on full price. Then later, closer to decorating time, the items go on sale and people “have to buy more because the price is so good”. They count on shoppers to be idiots – which I quite resent, as I think I idiot proofed myself long ago – but wait – must get rid of the idiots that put out holiday decorations too early.

    The title of the article was “Why people are stupid shoppers and how we can profit from it” – nice – now they are flat out calling us stupid. I’m glad I don’t go for fad decorating – remember icycle lights and tube lights? Next I think it was those insane blow up creatures of all sorts – Disney characters and such, that are not basically christmas themed to start wtih – wonder what they will hit us with this year that we “stupid shoppers” just must have!!! They also said that with almost constant bombarding of holiday items and music that shoppers will be hypnotized and shop, even against their better judgement, and if they see others with big items in their carts they will often go back and get more – even ruining their budget to do so.

    And the items don’t always store easily and become broken and useless the next year, but that’s ok – the stupid shoppers will just buy more, and earlier, and more often.

    Makes me feel a bit grinchy!!

  2. I was even annoyed that Halloween stuff is out now. Christmas? Oy vey.

    Sorry to read about your horrible school experience. Kids’ brains just aren’t mature as 16 or 17 or 18 year old, however mature their bodies look. Tim has impressed me. I would have gone to pieces.

  3. With your reaction like that, I don’t think you’d want to be in Manila right now. The Christmas carols (and decorations) started September 1. Heeheehee!

    (Truth to tell, it annoys me, especially the carols over the radio.)

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