The Dungeness River

The local paper announced that there is an historically high run of pink salmon spawning in the Dungeness River right now. I had to go take a look. The part of the river that I visited was not optimum for viewing the fish as they struggle up the river, against the current. But I came home with portraits of the water surface, almost Impressionistic, that I rather like. And there are fish mixed in here, too.

4 thoughts on “The Dungeness River”

  1. The same thing will be happening here soon with freshwater salmon from Lake Ontario. They put on an impressive show as they struggle up river.

  2. i guess my first comment didn’t “take.” I tried to max the collage so I could see the fish in the lower right corner, but couldn’t quite accomplish it. Your photos clearly demonstrate the difficulty the fish have as they try to swim upstream against the current.

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