Green thumb

This is the second year I’ve grown leeks. As with garlic, I’m hooked.

I do like gardening, growing things. But I love planning a meal, then trotting out to the garden to dig up and harvest something that will be on the dinner menu that evening. And it seems I love it more with every meal. These leeks became a big batch of potato leek soup. The next ones joined a seafood chowder. In all modesty, they were delicious.

6 thoughts on “Green thumb”

  1. Ooooohh. Great photo and great looking leeks. I can almost smell them. I am impressed with your gardening and your cooking and — as always — your photography and your storytelling.

  2. Yum – I can just taste that soup – and, right now with the fog rolling in here on the OP, it would make a perfect meal with some fresh artisan bread!

  3. You are one talented lady. The leeks look perfect, and I’d love to pluck the right out of the photo and start cooking! PS. I must now get dressed and run to the downtown Farmers market (with my new colorful basket I purchased in Sante Fe). See how we motivate one another!!

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