Welcome, birds!

I found this tree the other day. What fun! And I was equally impressed when I walked up to photograph it. The air was filled with birdsong.

Then I noticed that those weren’t the only houses nestled along the edge of the property.

Many of the trees had houses nestled in their branches here and there. And most of them looked like they were well used.

6 thoughts on “Welcome, birds!”

  1. The owner of the property must enjoy a symphony of sound each day. Kudos for this bird lover. Wonder what his seed bill is? Our seed bill almost rivals what we pay for our dog. How I exaggerate, but it does cost quite a bit even with only two feeders.

  2. Those birdhouses are really cute. My sister loves birds and birdhouses and she has a birthday coming up in a month. I have bought five rustic birdhouses and plan to sneak into her yard and place them there for her birthday.

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