Our living lawn ornaments

We’ve seen more deer in our yard this year than we have since we’ve been here. There has always been at least a mother and one or two fawns that have been regulars. This year the gang has expanded. This mom and her spotted little “Bambi” started coming around last week. (Okay, a disclosure is in order here. We’ve had some fallen apples that we’ve tossed out of our garden enclosure. That’s why Mom’s mouth is open here. She’s eating a small apple.)

For some reason this pose made me think of Robert DeNiro in the movie “Taxi Driver” years ago. “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to ME?”

This was the best I could do to capture Bambi. I was surprised to see one this young so late in summer. By now most of the fawns are almost as big as Mom.

7 thoughts on “Our living lawn ornaments”

  1. I wonder why you are seeing more this year. Is civilization moving closer and closer to their space or is it just an unusual phenomena? Nice to be able to observe the little ones so close, though.

  2. Such lovely photos. We have a lot of deer pass through our yard. We’ve had as many as 8 at a time in the yard. We have an easement across the street – no one can build there so it has grown into very nice woods for the deer. We are very near Lake Whatcom and lots of wooded areas, so the deer has plenty of room to live and the herds grow bigger every year. We have several spotted fawns right now also – I’m not sure why that is.

  3. Yes, we have been visited daily by a group of 5-6; one mom had a single fawn and the other mom has twins. Some days an additional older single (grandma?:)) joins the group. Other day the fawns were having fun chasing one another – fun to watch indeed.

  4. I live in a suburban neighborhood quite close to the city, so there are no deer here. But, at the other side of town, where it is more forested, the deer have become quite plentiful and the gardeners who live there are frustrated that the deer have a taste for the fruits of the gardeners’ labors. (A movie mention here and on my blog . . . does Kay live a second life as a movie critic?)

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