A is for apple

Here’s another sure sign that autumn is moving in: apples. Branches on local trees are sagging enticingly and the orbs are taking on color.

I harvested the top right apple Sunday from our two year-old tree. The tree has four types of apples grafted onto its trunk. This red gravenstein was the first apple so far that hasn’t caused a cheek-sucking pucker.

5 thoughts on “A is for apple”

  1. Four types of apples on one tree? Huh?

    I love apple season. We always took the kids to a pick-your-own place, but the kids are too old (and one is on another continent) so I might go myself with my camera.

  2. Four different types of apples on one tree? Since I know nothing about growing apples, I guess I’ll have to check that out. Yup, autumn is approaching. Although I still love visiting orchards, I was a bit dismayed to see an ad in our local paper indicating that one is open to the public again for the season. Guess I’ll have to make a trip out and take a hay ride.

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