Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

There was a gathering of garlic geeks at the Sequim Master Gardener Demonstration Garden last Saturday. Actually, it was a “Class Act” presentation on garlic that drew growers and potential growers. I’ve missed it in previous years (and my somewhat bedraggled crop shows it). It was well worth the time, and afterwards I wandered through the gardens.

The garden is divided into various areas, including a rose garden, above. There are beautiful trees and vegetable patches.

The Master Gardener program provides in depth training to participants who, in turn, give back to the community by volunteering hours at plant clinics (advice for brown thumbs and problem-solving for the stumped) and offering community lectures. Plant sales are also held at the Sequim Demonstration Garden and each year they offer tours in outstanding private local gardens.

6 thoughts on “Master Gardener Demonstration Garden”

  1. So, are you a garlic geek or a master gardener or both? Obviously, those are good things. I remember you have a thing for garlic but I’m not too sure about your gardening operations. I can plant a little bush if I have some help. Doesn’t mean it will grow but at least I can look at it until it decides to wither away and die. 🙂

  2. You know from my Elizabeth Park fetish that I would be there! The park has a lovely rustic charm. I didn’t glean whether you attended just from your interest in garlic, or if you are (or are becoming) a Master Gardener. The program seems like an important community asset.

  3. To clarify: I attended this with my Garlic Geek hat firmly on my head. I had many questions and all were answered. It was a great, informative lecture. I did at one time think I wanted to become a Master Gardener – even applied & was accepted – but realized life was taking me in other directions and followed them instead. No regrets – and I still have very high regard for the Master Gardener program.

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