The garden gate

Some people have a flair for the unique. We found this in Port Townsend. As I shot it a flock of chickens clucked in the background. It looks like a wonderful garden beyond the fence.

6 thoughts on “The garden gate”

  1. This could scare the bejesus out of someone coming upon it in the night; esp. if they had had a couple shots of Wild Turkey. I mean, really, look at those eyes.

    Hey, you could have a little fun. Sneak over there some night and put some lights behind the headlight frames and then hide and watch what happens.

    I did go back and check on the turkey. Well, suffice it to say the damn thing had branched out. So I went home and had a glass of blueberry wine.

  2. I appreciate artistic creativity like this. So long as it is not on my block.

    I didn’t think about the missing shoes. Maybe his mother made him take them off so they didn’t fall off while he was flying around?

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