The Rodeo, 2 of 2

The Clallam County Rodeo is offered twice during the County Fair. This year we went on Saturday night and the grandstands were packed. There were hometown favorites riding and a few of the cow boys and girls were truly talented youngsters. The bull rider in the bottom right shot was 14 years old and I don’t think the girl on the bottom left could have been much older. And, believe it or not, the bronc rider on the top left walked off the field on his own.

4 thoughts on “The Rodeo, 2 of 2”

  1. When we lived in Mesquite, Texas, many years ago we went to the world famous rodeo often. Usually, we enjoyed it. Except for the Baptist preacher’s prayer at the beginning and some country singer doing “I Come To The Garden Alone” before the rodeo began. Pretty funny. And yes, it is as dangerous as it looks!

  2. I have seen some rodeos out west, but not in New England. But, it is fair season now, and I plan to go to one or two this weekend. One fair has horse racing. I don’t know if I will go to that one or not.

    The Native American and First Nation [is there a difference?] canoe races would be a lot more authentic than the dragon boat races, but both would be fun to see and to photograph.

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