Eat your greens

I’m growing kale this year. Because I got my usual late start, I skipped seeds and planted a six pack of little baby kales. I knew it would be more than we are likely to eat but hey, kale’s good for you. You know, it’s one of those superfoods, chock full of the nutrients lacking in all the foods we really love. It also loves it here. It’s growing like it means to turn into a heritage plant. Like a tree.

We’re eating it sautéed, steamed, braised on spaghetti, mounded under fish or chicken. Kale salad, kale chips. Cooked and tossed with balsamic vinegar or salad dressing. Neighbors are beginning to hide when they see me coming. (I think the wheelbarrow of kale leaves must be a tipoff.) Want some?

6 thoughts on “Eat your greens”

  1. Your generosity exceeds my desire for kale. It’s on the same level as zucchini for me. Take it to the trash can. Interesting because I LOVE veggies, eat almost everything else; I really am a healthy eater (except for chocolate) and devour veggies. Pass on the above however.

  2. It looks good – green and fresh. Not like what you’d find in the store. Send me some. It will be fun to tell folks I have kale from Kay. Okay?

  3. hahahahaha. i recently had the kale chips, not bad at all! (but, to me, very american).
    “kale” in dutch means “bald”, as in “kale man” (bald man), i always find that funny.
    but now have a look at how the dutch prepare kale:
    (as you can see from the wiki we do that with a lot of vegetables, just mash them together with potatoes). did you ever try it? 😉 please post a picture!
    a recipe for kale specifically;

  4. That is funny. A kale tree! Around here, neighbors are walking up and down the streets trying to find someone to take cucumbers or tomatoes or squash. No one is offering kale.

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