I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to call excavating equipment cute. Not when one bigger than a bus cradles a bitsy one. Really. Isn’t it kinda cute?

9 thoughts on “Cute”

  1. It would be even “cuter” if I could ride on or drive either one of these pieces of construction equipment. Not only little boys are enamoured of these machines.

  2. Hi Kay! I read and re-read you comments about trains and train tracks until I got so confused I went out and had a train wreck. Not sure how I’ll get through next week. Oh, wait. I can play golf. Unless a train is coming! But then, my “friends,” who call me the OCBM (Old, Crippled Blind Man), say my golf game is a train wreck. 🙂

  3. Truth in posting: My husband spied this. (I was driving and had diligently kept my eyes on the road.) And he patiently waited while I came back and shot it.
    @Kate: I’m with you. One of my thrills when we built our house was climbing into the tractor that was parked here during construction. Of course, it wasn’t running and I had to content myself with making my own “Vroom, vroom!” but it was a lot more interesting than a Toyota.

  4. oh no, not at all, i think its cute too.
    i actually once used a picture of such a machine in a scientific publication to illustrate our hypothesis!!

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