In pursuit of purple

Sequim, the “Lavender Capital of North America,” is celebrating our purpleness this weekend with the annual Lavender Faire and Festival. Our weather has been perfect and the timing is right: the fields are in peak form and they look great.

We had time yesterday to take in just a couple of the many farms that have opened their doors to visitors. My camera favored Oliver’s Lavender Farm, shown here.

Lavender grows well in many areas of Sequim. It likes loose, sandy soil and not too much moisture. Though soils vary throughout this region (my garden is favored with a choice blend of clay and concrete), many places have the “just right” conditions for lavender. Plant it there and watch it take off.

Most of our lavender growers enhance the view with garden features and plantings that would make a brown thumb ache with envy. But it’s also an inspiration to take ideas home.

There are lavender plants virtually everywhere, ready for the home gardener. Or baskets and clippers to pick some fresh to take along. Or bundles of dried lavender. Or any imaginable lavender-based lotion or potion.

7 thoughts on “In pursuit of purple”

  1. I thought lavender was a color until I started visiting your blogs and Mary Beth’s blog over in Stanwood. I find these photos amazing and so beautiful. Love the top one especially because it’s perfectly composed with the building and the sky. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. The colors just explode right off the page! Purple sage is blooming right now in Santa Fe, ad it, too, is beautiful but its color is not as intense as your lavender shots.

  3. Hi Kay! Your comment on Ocala was right on. Another huge problem is that we keep electing people without functional brains to public office!

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