Lady Washington came to town

The tall ship Lady Washington visited Sequim last week in her only Olympic Peninsula visit this summer. She berthed at the John Wayne Marina for several days and gave residents a treat with an evening sail one evening, shown above, and a mock sea battle with the Hawaiian Chieftain the next afternoon.

Lady Washington and the Chieftain are run as part of a maritime history program operated by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority. You can see young crew members aloft, unfurling sails as the ship got underway. It was a very windy evening. We weren’t sure the sail would take place, but out they went.

The original Lady Washington was the first American-flagged ship to visit Japan in 1791.

The Hawaiian Chieftain stayed at some distance while we watched. You can catch a glimpse of her on the right side, above.

5 thoughts on “Lady Washington came to town”

  1. Wonderful photos. A couple years ago the two boats staged a mock fight in Bellingham Bay – we just happened to be at a bay park at the time and I got fabulous photos of it – one of my blogging friends asked if they could paint the boats from my photo – and then she sent the painting to me – it is wonderful to have such memories of a chance encounter with the ships.

  2. These are such beautiful ships! Not sure I’d be up to sailing on one, though. Love your photos – they capture well the colors and sense of adventure these represent!

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