Road warriors

First the leopard spots caught my eye. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a motorcycle quite like this one.

Then I noticed that it and the other cycles with it had Mexican license plates. And some pretty interesting travel stickers. Grand Teton! Yellowstone! Glacier National Park! These scooters put on a lot of miles! All the more surprising because they were clean. A lot cleaner than my car.

Then I saw the Alaska stickers. I was seriously impressed. I finally noticed a sticker for Rodano Mexico, a television program that features motorcycles. I saw these bikes in Oregon and there wasn’t anyone around to ask questions. Darn.

6 thoughts on “Road warriors”

  1. So, did you conclude they are on a trip sponsored by a TV station which will no doubt be later made into a movie and appear on the Hysterical Channel?

    Seriously, people who can ride these things for miles and miles in all kinds of weather – well, I don’t understand them, but I’ll give him credit. For something. Perseverance? Death wish? :)d

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