The Oregon coast

Our first couple of days at the central Oregon coast last month felt a lot like home. That is, it rained. And then it cleared. And then it rained some more. Some of the more striking views we had were through the veil of rain squalls. Not the best for photographs. This is the beach below Heceta Head lighthouse. The lighthouse is hidden behind trees to the left of the keeper’s house on the hillside. I’ll post shots of the lighthouse in the next few days.

Here’s the coast between squalls. Well, it was dry where I was standing.

3 thoughts on “The Oregon coast”

  1. Gorgeous coast! Such beautiful photos, Kay.

    By the way, the Castor Oil Plant blooms don’t attract hummingbirds… Unfortunatelly we don’t have them in Europe.

  2. I’m enjoying your photos a lot. Have read much about the fabulous Oregon coast but have never been there. Photography after a rain is often spectacular with great colors. I shall look forward to seeing the lighthouse.

    And you’re right: Florida’s snowbirds can be very fickle and the problem is they come back south too soon!

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