Our trip to Florence

Okay. We didn’t go to the Florence you’re thinking of, unless your mind immediately went to Florence, Oregon, located on the central Oregon coast. We took a trip there last month to meet up with a friend from California, Marie, whose photos you see posted today. She captured one of our evenings with such elegance I had to show you two of my favorites. (Thank you, Marie!)

Florence is located at the north end of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, the largest coastal sand dunes in North America. The dunes stretch for 40 miles along the coast and vary from typical beach dunes with low grasses to inland parabola dunes that edge forest lands. This view is along a manmade jetty that edges the Suislaw River as it spills into the Pacific Ocean.

Marie is considering moving to Florence. What do you think? Should she do it?

7 thoughts on “Our trip to Florence”

  1. Well, Florence, Oregon, is certainly inundated with much natural beauty. Love the light in that first shot, especially. So far as moving there, I dunno. What else does Florence have to offer? No doubt you have additional photos to post, right? πŸ™‚

  2. It is a beautiful place, Kay. I don’t know if she should move there, but if she does, tell her I would be happy to decorate her new place for her.

  3. Easy. We’ll paint it all in oyster white to give it a clean background, and then introduce highlights in seafoam green and azure blue. Driftwood here and there, a big mounted swordfish over the mantel, and furnishings in pickled pine. My bill is in the mail.

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