The Bombardiers strike again

The local Fiber Arts Bombardiers have done again what they do best: yarn bombs on the streets of Sequim. In an attack of whimsy and patriotism, the group, described as a “loose-knit cell of knitters” staged a red, white, and blue guerrilla craft attack on West Cedar Street near the Sequim City Hall.

One member of the Bombardiers said, “Our goal is to inflict as much laughter, joy and good chuckles into town as we can.” Works for me.

I’ll be posting pictures of another yarn bombing, spied recently in Oregon, next week.

4 thoughts on “The Bombardiers strike again”

  1. Harmless fun. Thanks to you the Fiber Arts Bombardiers gave me some joy and good chuckles. I wish we had them in my neighbourhood.

  2. I remember a previous post about these folks, right? You are a funny person! This is superb! Kudos to the yarn bombers!

  3. I have read of this being done elsewhere. I am waiting expectantly for someone to do it in Hartford. We are usually five to seven years behind the trends.

    Loved your unicorn and bridge tale. It MUST be true . . . I read it on the internet.

    And, yes, I do moonlight as an interior designer. Which I do for free. Anyone who listens to me deserves what they paid for the advice. Got any interior spaces you want my help with?

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