Theme Day: Facade

Today is theme day at City Daily Photo and I found this month’s challenge, “Façade,” in the coastal town of Florence, Oregon. “Old Town” Florence has a number of late 19th century buildings that sport classic high fronts that reveal a different look if you can peak around the side.

Façades haven’t faded from the architectural toolbox. I found this one in Florence, too, in a newer part of town. The building is being renovated, but I still found the backside of the façade amusing.

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12 thoughts on “Theme Day: Facade”

  1. Love these older small towns and the buildings one finds therein. The last shot reminds me of the importance of checking out the backside before one gets charmed by a facade!

  2. Love the top shot. I would certainly want to stop and look at what to me is an American building with history. Your 3rd shot did make me smile. Lovely.

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