Who’s got the marshmallows?

We had walked on a beach at sunset. We smelled the distinctive scent of a wood fire and rounded the protection of a sand dune to find this campfire warming three young men as they enjoyed the evening.

They allowed a friend and I to snap away, but it took an effort to pull ourselves away from the warmth, the flames, and the glow. What is it that is so mesmerizing to watch a fire burning?

5 thoughts on “Who’s got the marshmallows?”

  1. Kudos to you! That’s not an easy shot to get but you did it; those flames are perfection!

    Can’t imagine wanting to get near heat. We’re in the midst of summer and it is hot. I wouldn’t mind some cool ocean breezes, though! 🙂

  2. Fire and Fireworks are mesmerizing. Lowell is right about the quality of the photo. . .more than just “nice.”:

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