One foot after the other

Sometimes it’s hard to know where the trail is heading. This day, this achingly beautiful sunny day, it felt like walking into a tunnel of forest light. Other days it’s time to pull up the hood and keep on moving. Sometimes you just don’t know ’til you’re there. And always it’s one foot after the other.

I’m heading on a new trail for a little while and taking a break.

18 thoughts on “One foot after the other”

  1. Your description, “achingly beautiful,” says it all. Reminds me of a Minnesota forest. Wherever thou goest, I hope it’s an enjoyable journey. You will be missed in the blogosphere. Best wishes!

  2. I hope your break is all that you want, need and expect it to be – I’ll certainly miss you so much while you take your break, but will be thinking of you every day. Take care!

  3. “Tunnel” is the right word. This trail looks like it runs through a tube with light and shadow playing along the way.

  4. Good journey. You are in my thoughts and will be missed. Just moved to Sequin, partly because you introduced me to the area. Hope to have you back soon.

  5. Hi Kay! It’s always nice to hear from you! Re the movie “Grumpy Old Men”: I thought I remembered three Grumpy Old Men movies, but it seems there were only two – Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men. I think the snow angel scene was in the second one but can’t be sure. Lemmon and Ann-Margret to to the top of the hill and she, being a free spirit, falls backward in the snow and starts moving her arms to make snow angels. Lemmon, a stubborn old coot, finally decides it looks like fun and joins her.

    I read somewhere that parts of the movies were filmed in Minnesota (such as the snow angel scene) other parts in Canada. It was very cold. In fact, Walter Matthau had to hospitalized after shooting for double pneumonia!

    Take good care!

  6. Me again. I know I’ve got your email somewhere but can’t find it and I’d like to send you a link to something of interest…would you mind sending me your email address again?

  7. Hi Kay –

    I am totally in love with your site and with Sequim. I would like to much more about the area and the lifestyle there. Thank you for sharing all your photos!

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