Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, 2

Here are more shots from the Juan de Fuca Festival. Here’s the fiddler from The Burren Boys, left, the group that kicked off our day yesterday.

I loved the music. If you want to hear audio clips, check out the Juan de Fuca website for links that will lead you to performer music. But I also loved the visuals. This was a play of light against Anna Tivel, a gifted musician, singer and songwriter.

Here’s Anna in the flesh.

There used to be a bumper sticker that read, “Use an accordian, go to jail.” Music snobbery, now dated. This woman from The Barbary Ghosts from San Francisco rocked it with sea chanteys, ballads, and drinking songs. I was completely taken with the beautiful detail of this accordian. It wasn’t your father’s accordian, that’s for sure.

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  1. This festival sounds terrific! I am always taken by images of hands. Would make a good theme for CDP, I think. The top photo is wonderful!

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