More Pioneer Park

When I posted twoshots of Pioneer Memorial Park earlier this month someone asked to see more of the park. Today and tomorrow I’ll do just that. Above is a shot along a semi-circular drive that takes visitors in and out of this little 2.5 acre gem. The rhodies were spectacular when I visited, a real treat.

There’s a small building in the park. It and the grounds are run by the Sequim Prairie Garden Club, which uses it for their annual spring plant sale. They also rent it for local events. Two people were using another nearby picnic table when I was there. It’s a beautiful spot to settle down for a visit and enjoy these beautifully manicured grounds on a nice spring day.

4 thoughts on “More Pioneer Park”

  1. This lush green bursting with color is so delightful. And I’m glad that the park is open to visitors. I’d love to have lunch there on a nice summer day!

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