6 thoughts on “Restraint remourse”

  1. Great photo – I love the polka dotty ones. One day I am going to rid myself of all the odds and ends of mugs and get just polka dotty ones.

  2. Yikes! You found me! And I thought I’d found the perfect hiding spot!

    Thanks. Nice to hear from you. I’ll probably stay on L & L for awhile. Less pressure! 🙂

    I like this shot; nice and artsy and full of color. Your photography skill is showing!

  3. Love ’em! They remind me of hand-painted Easter eggs. I would love one or more of these for my new interest in tea. I have lots of mugs, too, but these tea cups are different and unique!

  4. i know that feeling exactly….
    and i like to have many different cups etc, not one boring set. we get a lot from thriftstores, nothing matching, but lately i have not allowed myself to buy anything anymore..
    i like the stuff at anthropology, but i think its quite a bit too expensive!

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