4 thoughts on “Tomb with a view”

  1. i havent been here on your blog for too long!!
    i love wandering on cemeteries. we did yesterday and today again… still with all the cotton wool in my head… 🙂

  2. A lovely place it is!

    Regarding your question: Portuguese politicians ‘forget’ to mention the word unemployment everytime they announce new austerity measures that, inevitably, lead to more company bankruptcies and the consequent loss of more jobs. It’s crazy, the EU is crazy and Germany is having huge profits with the countries in trouble. This will not end well…

  3. What a grand place for a cemetery. I had planned to go on a tour this morning of the cemetery where Hartford’s most illustrious citizens lie after their warranties expire, but I got tied up with something else and missed it. That is OK. I will just wander around on my own.

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