You are what you drink

I had a rush of memories when I saw these Coke bins recently at Gere-A-Deli in Annacortes. I remember galvanized bins like this at outdoor events filled with bottles of soda – bottles, not cans, mind you – and never, ever enough ice to combat the heat.

I suspect nonfat milk was the leading edge of our dieting obsessions, or, more accurately, our fantasies. Trade out one or two foods for a lighter alternative and the pounds melt away. Wouldn’t it be nice?

7 thoughts on “You are what you drink”

  1. Coca-Cola are selling bottles with the most common names in Sweden in a drive at the moment. I rarely drink the stuff, but if they have a bottle with my name, Stefan, on it I will buy a few bottles.

  2. You are what you drink! Omigod, I’m turning into a martini! With olive. Shaken, not stirred!

    I remember those old galvanized coolers – they were so heavy when they were full it took two men to carry them!

    But you know I’ve read that people who drink milk lose weight faster than people who don’t drink milk. Don’t ask me why.

    And the winner of the Kentucky Derby was broke and trained here in Ocala. 12 of the horses in the race had Ocala ties. 🙂

  3. I could take pictures all day in Gere-a-Deli – and now I want a chicken salad sandwich (they put grapes in it – and it is scrumptious! What did you eat when you were there?

  4. if only…!!
    but dietary products are often worse than their full-fat or full-sugar counterparts. and since they are considered healthy people even eat/drink more…
    anyways. the huge amount of ice in a drink is so very american!! 🙂 in the netherlands you will get 2 ice-cubes, if any… but in the 3 years i got used to the huge amount of ice…!

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