Pioneer Memorial Park

Pioneer Memorial Park is located on East Washington Street, along the main drag of Sequim. It’s a small park – 2.5 acres – but it offers a head-snapping view for anyone driving by in spring when it pops out in a riot of blossoms and dazzling spring color. It’s an unexpected wow after a long winter.

The park site was a cemetery at the turn of the last century and was closed in 1914. Human remains were moved and eventually the Sequim Prairie Garden Club took over the site which by then was neglected and overgrown. The club presently has a 99 year lease – until 2051. A small clubhouse at the park is available for rentals and is the site of the club’s popular spring plant sale.

7 thoughts on “Pioneer Memorial Park”

  1. When I visited Washington many years ago I was struck by the lushness of the flora! This is a perfect example. And I’m glad that it is being tended and cared for.

  2. love to see blossoms!!
    went out yesterday and saw some out my local cemetery as well. so very pretty!!

  3. Your commentYou have great spring color out there. These fine trees today and tulips a few days ago. Hurray!

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