12 thoughts on “How do you get your shots?”

  1. A good question with three neat colourful photos. I get down on my knees a lot. Usually I get stains or wet spots on them. I have been think of picking up some knee pads from Home Depot.
    PS: Sometimes I just sit down on my bum:-)

  2. Well, usually it’s the nurse that gives them to me. Or the physician’s assistant.

    Oops. You’re talking about photo shots. I knew that. The rule is when shooting flowers is to get down low. I’ve been known to break it a couple of times, but I don’t even care!

    More glorious flowers!

  3. Kay, your shots over the last 3 days of the Skagitt Tulip Festival are outstanding! Makes me want to be there to share in this wonderous and colorful time of year – some day perhaps that will come to fruitiion.

  4. Sometimes I am found in the classic squat, but often these days I just hold the camera down, rotate the swiveling LCD screen and position the camera as low as I want it. A lot less stress (and fewer dirty clothes) than before!

  5. I guess I’m kinda the sorta squat. Love your Skagit tulip shots. Are they beauties and isn’t it fun to visit them. We might have seen each other there. Next time………

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