Feral tree

This tree is blooming its heart out on the side of an otherwise wild hillside. There’s a road above and an undeveloped building lot below. I imagine that someone driving by years and years ago chucked out the remnants of a plum or apple or pear that decided this would be a good place to put down roots. Note to self: Return in late summer and see what’s growing there.

7 thoughts on “Feral tree”

  1. Please send some of the blooming weather my way. It makes me feel so good to see that spring arrived in your area.

  2. Your title is unusual for this “wild” growing tree. Yes, do make a note to go back to see how the tree changes or is “tamed” by nature.

  3. What an unexpected and beautiful surprise! And yes, I think you should check out whatever fruit it bears.

    Re your comment about my “marching orders” to set things straight in Ocala, the Horse Capital of the World: Well, I would accept them except that in a horse capital you have a lot of horses’ asses and they’ve got no horse sense at all and it would be a futile endeavor. 🙂

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