It seems every time I drive anywhere I see more houses for sale. At one of them the other day I saw a woman nosing around a front window, trying to look in. Swallows are doing much the same with our birdhouses. It’s nesting season and at long last it appears that things are picking up for humans. The house this sign advertises had barely hit the market before it sold, a good thing for the sellers and the buyers. Not so good for a neighbor – me – who hates to see the sellers go. They’ve been the best neighbors, ever.

4 thoughts on “Sold”

  1. Selling a house is more popular in the spring. Theses signs go with the season.

    PS: It’s difficult to train new neighbours:-)

  2. We found a home in Sequim and bought it. Nice house; good deal. Or, so we thought. We had NO idea what we were getting into.

    What we found out later was the “million dollar” neighbors living on all sides of us that came with the house for free. Priceless!

  3. Sorry your good neighbors are leaving…not fun. But maybe you’ll get new good ones! Nice to know that houses are selling, though.

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