Another tiny cabin

This tiny cabin caught my eye in Diamond Point, a community east of Sequim. It may have been associated with the decrepit pier in the distance. The setting was certainly nice.

5 thoughts on “Another tiny cabin”

  1. I love the old cabins – I am always amazed at the ones that were homes years ago. I like to think about how they could have fit all their family in the tiny cabins. This one is especially nice, often the ones close to the ocean don’t survive. I too wonder what they used it for.

  2. This is the kind of photo that is worthy of display at a gallery. It’s very well composed, and of great interest. That poor cabin is one thing but then to look our further and see that poor pier…wow! Very fine!

  3. Kay I live out here in Diamond Point…this was part of the Quarantine Station from the turn of the century! Just a tiny thing…we still have a few other remnants from the past out here.

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