I went hunting recently to find signs of spring. There were many sleepy shrubs that showed early signs of waking up to longer days with more light. This one cradled a raindrop like an ephemeral pearl.

These early spring pioneers weren’t lonely for long. Within days many more leaves were cloaking branches. Once plants around here get the taste of spring they really go for it.

4 thoughts on “Unfurling”

  1. Amazing, the new birthing of trees and bushes. Beautiful photos, too, Kay. The bushes that surround out house were budding like crazy a couple of weeks ago and then we got another night of about 32 degrees…ugh. But they’re coming back, now!

    Hope you have a great weekend. How’s that Scamp coming?

  2. oooh, very nice…
    guess what, we actually drove through sequim the other day. i took my blossom pic somewhere on the olympic loop drive, highway 101…!
    really cool to see all what i saw on your blog with my own eyes… the drive through coffee houses are so from this area (and oregon), never saw them on “my” side of the usa.. havent gotten around to posting about our trip yet on my blog, for various reasons…

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