Will it ever be summer?

I took this shot at Sunshine Lavender Farm last summer during our Lavender Faire events. It reminds me of how far away summer seems as we’re blanketed by overcast, rain, and at times relentlessly howling winds. (And yesterday as I wrote this the weather icon on my computer predicted snow – yet a predicted low of only 34 degrees F). In its various forms in many locations it seems that Winter isn’t willing to let go.

7 thoughts on “Will it ever be summer?”

  1. Thanks for the beautiful summer photo. Over night there was another dusting of snow here in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. The temp is -4°C or 25°F. Your are not alone with this winter hanging on.

  2. This is such a beautiful photo of such a gorgeous place! It’s not only a remembrance of things past but a sign of things to come. Spring (and summer) will arrive – if a bit late, perhaps. The “howling winds” thing is what I really hate. It’s cool here again this morning. Crazy weather everywhere it seems.

  3. Hang in there; we’re all in the same boat. so to speak! I remember the healthier festival that another woman who used to post quite often would have on her blog. Can’t remember her name now, but I used to follow her and enjoyed the posts. You undoubtedly know who she iso tho.

  4. Came back to see if you had commented on the woman’s name … saw my message and laughed…it should have read the heather festival, but you figured that out!!

  5. Kate, we have a Lavender Festival/Faire here. Do you mean that? Do you mean one of my predecessors on this blog, Lavender Lady (Norma)?

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