Tour de Dung 3, goofing around

Sometimes it seems that life speeds by so quickly. And never so much as when watching a bike race, it’s bitterly cold, and your reaction time is off a beat. I meant to try slowing things down as I watched this race last year, just as my camera battery went dead. Should I admit to these kinds of dumb failures?

This year I decided to try again, starting with a full battery charge before the race started. At times it looked almost like this as I watched, orchestrated with the whir of tires on the pavement and the blast of racing energy.

And just like that they were gone.

Last year some curmudgeon complained in the newspaper that the race prevented him or her from pulling out of their driveway. I’d trade this any day for speeding cars, air pollution, and the state of obesity in the U.S.

7 thoughts on “Tour de Dung 3, goofing around”

  1. These are pretty cool shots. I think it’s interesting, though, that you got things cleared up just as their behinds went by! Hmmm. You can fool some people, but not moi! 🙂

  2. Ha — that’s how I feel right now — a streaky blur whizzing by. I like how you tried the slower exposure. I’ve dreamed about going to the Tour de France and I couldn’t imagine shooting that. It would go by so quickly, I’d be stressed about missing the shots. Regarding the curmudgeon, there’s always someone who has to complain about an event, isn’t there? Seriously, how long did the guy have to wait…10-15 minutes? Get over it. Sounds/looks like a good event in the community.

  3. good point!!
    i almost got used to it. but there really are many, many more extremely overweight people here than in the netherlands (there it would turn heads, but here its every so-manyth person!!). perhaps its because we bike so much! 😀

  4. I feel better about the bike race photos I took last year. At least you don’t have pictures of empty roads (like a couple of mine. 🙂 )

  5. @Annette, you didn’t see the photos that were deleted. . .I have my share of empty roads – and many bicyclists cut in half as they either entered or left the edge of the shot.

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