Working barn 7

I’ve been getting regular glimpses of this working barn as I’ve driven on Carlsborg Road. The only unimpeded views are from a bumpy private road. I like the classic red of this one, and the “X” construction on the doors.

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8 thoughts on “Working barn 7”

  1. A bumpy road often leads to a photographic treasure. This is a very nice, clean barn (on the outside). I, too, like the “X’s” cause they make the doors an easier target and I’ve often been told (when shooting or playing golf) I can’t hit the broadside of a barn door!

    Ah…which medications are you on? I head y’all up there in Washington can get some kind of weed to help with your pain. Is this true? 🙂

  2. That’s a good lookin’ workin’ barn. Nothing like a red barn in the country! Looks like the skies cleared up (at least for a few minutes) while you were taking this shot.

  3. This is a really pretty red barn with the white X’s on the doors. I visited Sequim several yeas ago and loved the area.

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