Wet, wetter, wettest

As the poor souls east of us dig out from tons of snow it’s begun raining here again. Sequim’s in what’s called “the rainshadow” of the Olympic Mountains. Although weather comes from many directions, the prevailing weather from the west drops much of the precipitation in the mountains before it gets to us. There’s no question that we benefit from this moderating influence. Yesterday we had about a quarter inch of rain before the newspaper reported we’ve had 1.80″ of rain so far this year. This compares to Seattle’s 5.86″. Out west, at the Pacific Coast, in Forks (yes, that Forks – land of the popular “Twilight” books and movies) they live up to the rainforest designation. Forks has had 24.25″ of rain since January 1st and will have well over 100″ before 2013 is over. I’m convinced that God invented the color green in the rainforests there, and the rainfall keeps the palette flourishing.

7 thoughts on “Wet, wetter, wettest”

  1. The Charleston area has been deluged with rain in February and I hope it clears up this month since we have only 4 more weeks here before we head home. My husband thought that he read that there was more than 10 inches but I couldn’t find a site to confirm this. No doubt in my mind though that there was that much. The raindrops in your photo says it all.

  2. Compared to the other rain totals, Sequim is lagging far behind, which I suspect is good for you. I cannot imagine enduring 100 inches of rain in a year — wow. We’re in the dry season now. So, if we see even the hint of a rain cloud forming we tend to get a little excited. Come June 30th, the rainy season will be upon us and so will the daily afternoon showers, just like clockwork.

  3. We were teased with a couple of days of sunshine and blue skies but now it is back to grey skies and rain. fingers crossed for more of the former

  4. People have said that areas I visit are fortunate and probably not lacking in rain … the way they put it was: “You’re all wet!”

    Now, I have an idea. You should buy a Smart Car just for running around town. To haul your soy milk and cereal home from Costco have hubby build you a Scamp with wheels! Is that a great idea or what?

    You eat that much soy milk and cereal? Sheesh!

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