Country road, take me home

This is one of my favorite roads, though I admit there are plenty that I’ve blown by without exploring. This one runs like a sinuous ribbon with low dips and rises on the east side of the Sunland development. It’s not a busy road but this is a through-the-windshield shot. It felt a tad too risky to jump out of the car. . .

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Weekly Top Shot #72

14 thoughts on “Country road, take me home”

  1. This is the kind of road John Denver must have had in mind. At this time of year in Minnesota, I yearn for just that kind of scene with so much green. Pulling over doesn’t seem to be an option without any decent shoulders for parking. Lovely road. Have you tried to bike it?

  2. It’s something of an art to hold on to the steering wheel and take photos but it can be done, and done well, as you have shown here. All you need is a little practice!

    I have to admit I’ve done the same thing. Occasionally. Well, everyone once in awhile. Ok, often! Sheesh!

  3. Roads like this always remind me of riding in the back seat of my father’s big green Chryslar. You felt all the dips and twists and turns…it was like an amusement ride! My mom is not doing well so my commenting time is really limited BUT that doesn’t mean that I’m not stopping by. Always enjoy your posts and photos! Love that elk sign!

  4. Great road – I love quiet roads to drive slowly down. Not much of that in the Bellingham area, Skagit does better at that. Terrific photo.

  5. The tall tress, the beckoning road, slice of sky…wonderful shot♫ Happy week-end♥

  6. Is that a current picture? That may seem like a silly question but here in the New England I have seen white for so many months now I almost forget the green! Your weather looks fabulous. That is a gorgeous road.

  7. ooh, this is nice!
    did i see correctly that this road is named holland road? thats funny, as you wont find any hills there… 🙂

  8. Terrific tree lined road. Wise of you not to stop — I’m not sure where one would pull over. This is the kind of road I’d like to travel in hopes of getting away for awhile and stumbling across some nice photo opps.

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