Winter windsurfing

We’ve had blustery winds over the last couple of days. They make me want to say inside with a good book. Obviously, others see it differently. There was a lot of windsurfing action off Cline Spit yesterday.

The wind chill took temperatures down into the 30s. Wetsuits and plenty of action probably helped but I don’t think it was a day to linger in the water. They built up a lot of speed while they sailed. Their wakes help tell the story.

At least one fellow went airborne repeatedly. I couldn’t get the shot I wanted but this will help you get the idea.

3 thoughts on “Winter windsurfing”

  1. I know that feeling of wanting to stay inside on cold days. Then you have people like the ones in your photo that just want to have fun.

  2. I’m with you — I’d rather be inside when it’s windy. Windsurfing takes a lot of upper body strength. I can’t imagine doing that in 30 degree weather. Aaah..youth.

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