Back down to earth: no balloon festival in 2013

At the end of last September’s first Balloon Festival organizers announced that they would return in 2013. Now it seems there are conflicts with another aviation event during Labor Day weekend at the Sequim Airport, the site of last year’s balloon launches. There may be ballooning as part of the event, but it won’t be the focus. One of the balloon companies featured last year set up camp here in Sequim and you can see their balloon from time to time floating across the valley. I’m fairly certain that the balloon above is now resident.

5 thoughts on “Back down to earth: no balloon festival in 2013”

  1. It’s very hard when your hopes balloon and then they get shot down. I wonder if those geese could be a problem for a high-flying balloon. This is a fine photo. And I hope that you’ll see lots of ballooning in 2013!

  2. Wonderful capture of objects in flight. I hope The Powers That Be get things settled and the hot air balloons return. They’re so much fun to photograph. Unfortunately, we rarely see balloons here in Florida. When I lived in South Dakota, there was an annual hot air balloon race and it was a photographer’s dream. So many colors…so many photo opps.

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