Racing the raindrops

We’ve only had about an inch and a half of rain so far this year. I’d be hard pressed to complain about that since it rarely rains long enough or hard enough to make it truly miserable. But it leads me to admit that I’m enough of an amateur that cloudy, grey days are a challenge to me. I haven’t really learned to see the photo possibilities and yet I do prefer and like to be out of doors. So I raced out recently thinking the rain had stopped, looking for raindrops. The rain hadn’t stopped. And I hadn’t noticed, but it was windy, too, and pretty cold. It was a quick series of shots and this was the best of the bunch.

7 thoughts on “Racing the raindrops”

  1. Nice capture of the raindrops on the petals, Kay. I need to get outside immediately after rain showers here and take some pics. Grey days used to really frustrate me as a photographer, now I just do the best I can and move on.

  2. I love photography in the rain, after the rain or on a cloudy day. You don’t have to worry about washed out whites or too dark darks. It’s much easier to get bright colors and a good exposure. Like you did here!

  3. The photography books tell us that taking pictures on cloudy days is preferred, because the light is even and we don’t get washed out areas from excessive light. But, I’m with you and will gladly sacrifice a better photo for feeling happy on sunny days.

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